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upnet is a platform for establishing and sustaining online networking groups for businesses

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About the company
The problem

Networking is one of the most effective marketing channels for small businesses!
Currently, physical, face-to-face meeting groups create quite a bit of difficulty for participants: waste time on trips, traffic jams, so the participant burns half a day's work each time there is a meeting

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The solution

Online groups that produce a fast and accurate networking effect that only technology can offer, without the problems of the "real" world

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The process

Requirements - 
Getting customer requirements and and defining the scope of work

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Research - 

In order to understand the needs and pain points associated with small business marketing efforts, I conducted user and world of content research, which included several actions: an in-depth study of small business characteristics, in-depth interviews with a number of small and independent business owners, and participating networking sessions


Personas - 

The user research and understanding of the world of content allowed me to focus and characterize the relevant personas to use the platform and the process defined as the first phase development - main personas: casual visitor and group members. Secondary personas: Group Manager and Area Manager.

User flow - 

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Wireframing - 

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Prototyping - 

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Nimrod Ashkenazi

UX Business Partner

Phone:+972 54-788-3048




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