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Activities: Product management, project management, UX, client management
*While working there
case study flow (high level)

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Smart Design
About the company 

Browzwear is an innovative leader in the 3D digital apparel design, development and merchandising world. The company manufactures SW solutions for various stages of the apparel design and manufacturing process

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The problem

75%~ of apparel brands collections are based on their exciting “building blocks” of silhouettes, fabric, colors, trims and workmanship that are being customized into new collections. The current process holds few problems - feasibility assurance, time to market, failure to comply with the prescribed budget, absence of fast, accurate and reliable simulation etc.

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The solution

SmartDesign features Smart Templates, which include silhouettes, trims, colors and workmanship of each brand’s factories. Using a powerful Template Configurator, brands can create customized Templates based on their own blocks and chosen asset management platform, via the Open Platform. By compiling all the information, a single file powers a large variety of design decisions in one business package. In addition, we provide smart templates out of the box

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Requirements analysis and understanding-

The first action to take was to collect all requirements and start analyzing it:  organize ,prioritize, what is totally new, what can be addressed with existing abilities/features, and what needs some adjustments. In addition, start planning the process and outcomes

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Research & Users -

Understanding the needs and pain points of the users: stylists (pattern makers) and apparel designers, followed by comparison to the client’s requirements. The process included several actions: an in-depth study of the world of content, working environments, current design processes with and without digital solutions, in-depth interviews with the above potential users


Flows & architecture -


Flows & architecture -

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Nimrod Ashkenazi

UX Business Partner

Phone:+972 54-788-3048




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